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Imagine being the bridge that connects people to life-changing messages, regardless of their language. The ISM Translation Forum of the International School of Ministry (ISM) does just that, playing a crucial role in translating the message of our man of God, Pastor Chris, into all languages spoken around the world

The ISM Translation Forum is instrumental in translating various programs, from the live translation of ISM Programs like the Global Ministers’ Classroom and ISM Online School programs to ministry programs with Pastor Chris such as Healing Streams Live Healing Services, Global Day of Prayer e.t.c. Additionally, the forum translates the e.t.c. Additionally, the forum translates the every month, Ultimately functioning as God’s outstretched arm to reach billions of people in the languages of their heart.


An exciting event on the horizon is the July Edition Of The Healing Streams Live Healing Sevices with Pastor Chris, scheduled from Friday, 26th July to Sunday, 28th July 2024.
During this 3 Days program, the ISM Translation Forum will work tirelessly to translate it into every known language, ensuring that non-English speaking participants can participate fully.

You can make a global impact by joining the ISM Translation Forum and helping to amplify the voice of our man of God. Spread the word and enlist other translators as we strive to take the Gospel to every man, in every language and dialect


Pastor Salisa Theo

Pastor Salisa Teo

Agape Ministry, Switzerland

A million thanks to our beloved and dear man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you, Sir, for the word of God you shared with us every time; I am living proof that it works.

My testimony is about my health and healing received as I translated the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. A few days into the Program, I went to Thailand for the preparation of my translation work.

Two days before that, I noticed my urine was with blood, and I went to see the doctor. I was advised to undergo a CT scan which showed I might have cancer due to the holes seen in my kidney from the scan. The doctor gave me some medications which I did not finish taking, as I never liked drugs. It was very tough for me because of the pain I experienced. In that situation, I remembered the word of God and what the man of God has taught us over time; I laid my hand on myself and declared the word of God boldly to my body.

I did not get to physically attend the Healing Streams in Nigeria, because my responsibility to translate the program came first. Glory to God, during the 3-day July edition of the Healing Streams, I was completely healed. Hallelujah! God is good!

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The Gospel must be preached in every language.

The Translation forum of the International School of Ministry (ISM), plays a vital role in conveying the message of our man of God, Pastor Chris, in all languages of the world.

The Translators Certification Course is designed to train and equip ISM Translators for increased effectiveness in their service to the Lord Jesus, through their work as ISM Translators.

The importance of the ISM Translation in communicating the message of our man of God, in all languages and dialects can not be overemphasized. Ranging from the Live translation of ISM Programs (Global Ministers’ Classroom, ISM Online School programs, etc.), to Ministry programs with Pastor Chris (Healing Streams Live Healing Services, Global Day of Prayer, etc), and the Monthly translation of the Healing to the Nations magazine, the ISM translation forum is making a remarkable and global impact in the Nations of the world by functioning as God’s outstretched arm in reaching billions of people in the languages of their heart.