About The ISM Regional Conference

The ISM National/Regional Conference is a 2-day program exclusively designed for ministers of the Gospel, Church pastors and ministry leaders in different regions and nations of the world. The fundamental objective of this special program is to train and equip ministers of the Gospel with requisite knowledge for soul winning and locality capture; to re-awaken the zeal and urgency for soulwinning in these last days and to birth a fresh fire in ministers of the Gospel for relentless soulwinning and evangelism in their local communities.

Attending ministers of the Gospel, will have the unique opportunity to:

  • Receive in-depth training and equipping for effective soul winning and locality capture
  • Learn uncommon principles from God’s Word on Church growth and increase
  • Be tutored on how to raise and nurture a soulwinning Church
  • Learn how to win communities and nations for the Gospel and be continually stirred for soulwinning exploits
  • Receive impartation of special gifts and graces for the work of soul winning and evangelism

The ISM National/Regional Conference promises to be an unprecedented time of learning and impartation in God's presence.