The 2020 6-month ISM Online Session has really been moments of divine learning for ministers of the Gospel around the world! This landmark Session which commenced in January 2020 has indeed been glorious and highly impactful!


Attending ministers from varied ministries & backgrounds, participated fully in the rich & rigorous session academic program, which featured five major faculties: Faculty of Youth Ministry, Faculty of Pastoral Studies, Faculty of Christian Studies, Faculty of Missions and Faculty of Intermediate Ministerial Studies.


In addition to the in-depth study of the Word, a significant highpoint of the session program was the opportunity the ministers had to implement their learnings at the Session through practical Field Works on Soul Winning and Evangelism across 75 countries with thousands of souls won and many special miracles recorded!


Also, as part of the session program, participating ministers engaged in intensive in-depth study of the various Biblical subjects which served to further enhance their study.


"I thank my Faculty for this exercise of not just getting trained but also to put into practice and fulfilling the Great Commission given to us by the Master. God bless you."Minister Sheeba Kanthi, Faculty of Pastoral Studies, U.S.A.


"Praise God and thanks to the ISM Online Session, I have better soulwinning ideas and approaches to start street evangelism. We will pray and co-work with the Holy Spirit to start the same in our local Church" - Diana Lim, Faculty of Christian Studies, Singapore


"The Locality survey we conducted, as part of our Online School program, has caused me to realize how so many people are uninformed or misinformed concerning the Good News about Jesus Christ. There is indeed a sense of urgency for me to preach the Gospel in my city and beyond." - Pastor Bobongha Yannick-Nuel Dinnyuy, Cameroun, Faculty of Missions, Faculty of Youth Ministry


"Due to the lockdown in the country, to complete our practical fieldwork exercises on Soulwinning and Evangelism, I took advantage of the local Christian radio station in our community that has a wide coverage of the entire northern Uganda, some parts of the south of South Sudan and a part of Eastern DRC.

Our radio program bore fruits, although at a steady pace but it was worth it, because those who gave their lives to Christ later called us to testify of the experience. As a result of this, we were able to win 12 souls in the last 3 weeks, during our aired program on radio once a week."Oloka Joseph Ivan, Faculty of Pastoral Studies, Uganda


The 2020 ISM Online Session has indeed been an alignment with the glory and the infallible knowledge of God's Word for ministers of the Gospel all around the world. Glory to God!

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