Evangelist Amrata Tirkey
Evangelist Amrata Tirkey
God's Temple Trust Church

“We want to use this opportunity to thank our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and the amazing Director of the ISM, Pastor Deola Phillips, for their exemplary leadership, guidance, and unwavering support.”

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ISM translators
Pastor Glory Backman
Christian Worship Center.
The ISM Cell ministry has been a continuous source of strength for me, especially in a time when my husband suffered health trouble for a long time. The prayers and care from the Cell were so comforting, even when I was not consistent in attending meetings because of my husband’s condition.

After receiving so much love and support from the Ministers in my cell, I made up my mind that nothing would distract me, and that I will be more functional in the cell. Thank you, Pastor Chris for this platform to fellowship with other Ministers of the Gospel."

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ISM translators
Pastor Salisa Teo
Agape Ministry,
Total Restoration While Translating
A million thanks to our beloved and dear man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you, Sir, for the word of God you shared with us every time; I am living proof that it works.

My testimony is about my health and healing received as I translated the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. A few days into the Program, I went to Thailand for the preparation of my translation work. Two days before that, I noticed my urine was with blood, and I went to see the doctor. I was advised to undergo a CT scan which showed I might have cancer due to the holes seen in my kidney from the scan. The doctor gave me some medications which I did not finish taking, as I never liked drugs. It was very tough for me because of the pain I experienced. In that situation, I remembered the word of God and what the man of God has taught us over time; I laid my hand on myself and declared the word of God boldly to my body.

I did not get to physically attend the Healing Streams in Nigeria, because my responsibility to translate the program came first. Glory to God, during the 3-day July edition of the Healing Streams, I was completely healed. Hallelujah! God is good!

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Pastor Lydia Ebune,
“I will start by thanking Pastor Chris for the wonderful opportunity and platform he has given us to learn to do better in God’s kingdom. Since I started taking the classes, I can attest to my high level of time management and effectiveness in my work. I have become a better and more understanding Pastor, a goal-getter, and my prayer and study life have increased. Thank you to the ISM team.
I am blessed and privileged to be part of the beneficiaries of the program. Thank you for impacting us and helping us build capacity. ”
Pastor Elizabeth Moyo
Trinity Embassy,
United Kingdom
“This course is very insightful because it reminds the Minister the importance of living a healthy life, to enable the minister to effectively do the work of ministry as well as direct the brethren of how to live a healthy life. A healthy minister will also produce healthy results.”

Pastor Katriella Grace,
Christ Church,
Jakarta, Indonesia
““I was really glad to be a part of those who translated the Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris. The program had a profound impact on my life. I appreciated the entire program so well because as I translated the message into my language; I ministered to myself as I translated. This has deepened my understanding of God’s Word and given me more confidence to share the Word of God.
I want to use this beautiful opportunity to thank our dear man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for the privilege to partake of the grace of his life, I’m grateful Sir; and also, to thank the ISM Director, Pastor Deola Phillips, I love you Ma. ”. ”
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Pastor Dithapelo Lubinda
Greater Light Church International
Gaborone, Botswana
“From this lecture, I have picked vital points on what to eat and what not to eat to maintain a healthy body. I must have the discipline of insisting on eating the right foods and getting rid of junk food that may cause harm to my body. I also believe that cleanliness is an integral part of holiness. That is why it is also important for me to keep my body well groomed, exercise oral care and eye care, do regular physical exercise, and care for all other parts of my body so as to sustain it well as I execute the work of the ministry. It is also crucial that tgat6i keep my mind sharp and sound by meditating on the word of God daily. All the glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ!”
Pastor Abu Abel Kamara,

Sierra Leone
I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the International School of Ministry (ISM) Online School. It has been a time of tremendous growth and improvement in both my personal life and ministry. I found the courses to be enlightening and I have learned valuable insights that have positively impacted my ministry. I am grateful for the depth of teachings and the practical application of biblical principles that the ISM Online School provides.