Pastor Qamar Hamati
Pastor Qamar Hamati (Arabic translator)
Holy Spirit Church,
““Translating for Pastor Chris is an honor; it’s a privilege. You will be caught up with the Holy Spirit when you are translating with him. This is what happened to me on the last day of the Healing Stream; I was lifting my hands to the sky as I translated. They became so heavy because the presence of God was so strong on me in the room. I began to cry and pray profusely in the Spirit. It was such an awesome experience; I can’t forget it.
Thank God I obeyed and started translating with our man of God, Pastor Chris. It’s a privilege always to be with him and do things for the kingdom of God through this ministry.”
Pastor Soter Mapulo
Pastor Soter Mapulo
The God-Life Church
“This Course has sharpened my skills in handling online outreach for greater productivity. Knowing that there are over 4 billion people on the internet gives me a greater desire to reach them for the Gospel because this is greater population compared to the country I am based.”
Pastor Abigail Mordi
Global Prophetic Intercessory Movement
Pennsylvania, USA
“This is just amazing! Thanks to our man of God, Pastor Chris and our Director, Pastor Deola and of course our highly knowledgeable instructor, Pastor Lanre. What I learnt is that church growth begins with the Pastor. The passion of the Pastor for souls will be the passion of the members. Also, church growth takes intentional efforts, it doesn't just happen.”
Pastor Irina Filaeva
Renewal Christian Centre
“The Cell leaders training meeting with the Esteemed Director is always a time of equipping and inspiration for greater works for me. I take these materials as a lecture tool for other ministers under me. Here in Europe, the ministers know little about the ministry, but through these trainings, I am equipped for ministry and I go ahead to build others. Special thank you to my dear Man of God, Pastor Chris, and the ISM Director, Pastor Deola Phillips”