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A Love Letter From God

  • Oct, 22 2023
Love is the nature of our gracious Lord which He did not hold back at all in expressing to all of mankind. One of the most popular references in the Bible to the magnanimity of God’s love towards us is found in John 3:16 which states: “For God so loved the world...


  • Oct 6, 2023
Life is full of mysteries and secrets about the world, time, and humanity. These are things that baffle human understanding and cannot be easily perceived or explained by the senses. This makes Insight an invaluable ability as it provides clear, deep, and...

Not a One-Time Thing

  • Sept 22, 2023
The infilling of the Holy Spirit is one of the greatest blessings of the new creation and the Lord wants us to have and experience being filled to maximum capacity. A child of God can be filled with less than...


  • Aug 8, 2023
Dominion- a term that was first used in the scripture in Genesis 1:28, when the Lord charged man to exercise rulership over the earth, to multiply and replenish it. It has always been the Lord’s desire for man to operate from a position of influence or control with regard to this world..


  • Sept 7, 2023
Harvest time crowns each agricultural season with goodness and abundance. It is also a time of rejoicing for the consequences of efforts or activities. But even this pales in comparison with joy of the harvest of souls for...

New And Improved

  • Sept 7, 2023
Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy products advertised with our titular slogan. Most people have a preference for whatever has been made more desirable, valuable, profitable, or better in quality...

It All Begins with a Thought

  • Jul 10, 2023
Almost 2,000 years ago, the bible records that the Lord Jesus was on an important mission to the House of Jairus; a ruler of the synagogue, to pray for his daughter who was fatally ill. His journey was ...


  • Jul 7, 2023
Happiness is a wonderful experience for mental and emotional well-being. But it’s merely an offshoot of joy, and although they’re often used interchangeably, joy runs far deeper into the recesses of the human spirit...

While Men Slept

  • Jun 22, 2023
We are most familiar with the parable of our Lord Jesus likening the Kingdom of heaven to a man who sowed good seeds of wheat in his field. The Bible lets us know that soon after, an enemy came and sowed tares amid...