Welcome To The ISM Ladies Ignite Conference 2021!

The ISM Ladies Ignite Conference is an unprecedented 2-day Conference for Ladies in Ministry, scheduled to hold from the 17th – 18th of September 2021. This epochal program is divinely orchestrated to spark off or cause a fire in the hearts of Female Church Founders, Ministry Leaders, Pastors, Evangelists, Apostles, Prophetess, Music Ministers, to get them to catch the fire and urgency for the advancement of the kingdom, impact and capture their cities and communities in these last days. It's going to be a series of impactful training, equipping, recognition, and acknowledgement of the potentials and role of a Lady in Ministry. This program will ignite women and inspire and encourage them for greater ministry effectiveness, and attain high-level impact in Ministry, exposing them to limitless possibilities of exuding and surpassing excellence in their personal life and ministry. This 2-day Online Ladies Ignite Conference also features a practical workshop/breakout session for the Female Ministers, to learn and glean from effective and successful leading Women in ministry, who by the Spirit of God would birth fresh visions of great impact for the Gospel, inspire and challenge them to transcend boundaries and walk in the fullness of God’s purpose for their lives and ministries.
Ladies Ignite Conference

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Why Attend The Conference?

Are you a Lady in Ministry? Do you hunger to do more for the expansion of the kingdom? Then, this program is specially for you! The potential to do great things for the gospel is embedded in you. Register now to discover and apprehend God's purpose for your life and ministry.