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New Ism Cell Birthed In Toledo, Spain

In an extraordinary event aligning with the transformative theme of the year, " The Year of Redemption", Pastor Pavlov Ceaser, a prolific ISM Minister, organized an outreach in Toledo, Spain, to mark the beginning of his new cell, drawing a gathering of over 69 ministers, with 41 among them being founders of ministries.

Pastor Pavlov shared his excitement, saying, "I witnessed the burning passion of every minister, completely engrossed from start to finish."
The ISM Ministers' network has undeniably entered a phase of unprecedented growth and expansion. Notably, ministers are now redeeming their vouchers for their actual value
"Thank you, Pastor Sir, for birthing the ISM Cell Ministry. We've had countless testimonies and more are yet to come. Praise God!!!"

Pastor Pavlov Ceaser
Sons of God Ministry, Spain

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