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From Growing A Single Church To Having Over 183 Church Branches

“In 2010, I was struggling with growing a single church to about 100 members, then I came in contact with the message and the man of God, Pastor Chris. With the guidance and grace at work in my father, Pastor Chris, today, the Gospel Envoys Church boasts of a remarkable expansion with over 183 thriving church branches.
See what the grace at work in my father, Pastor Chris, has done in the Gospel Envoys Church!” Glory to God!

In August 2021, the man of God, Pastor Chris, emphasized the importance of restoring true praise and worship in the Church, and imparted invaluable wisdom. Being a partaker of the wisdom imparted at this teaching, the Gospel Envoys Church recently held a special Praise Service. The manifestation of God’s grace poured out during this service was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Chris for his mentorship, for raising me, and for showing me the path that pleases the Lord. I am committed to following his lead even more closely. It is a privilege to have continued guidance and instruction from Pastor Chris, and I know that I will faithfully carry out the Lord's will under his guidance.”
Pastor Choolwe Choolwe,
ISM Minister, Senior Pastor, Gospel Envoys Church, Zambia

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