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A Sight That Will Forever Be Implanted In Our Hearts

ISM Minister, Esteemed Pastor M.V. Thomas, along with his dedicated team from God's Temple Church in Hyderabad, India, embarked on a visit to an Old People's Home. This compassionate gesture was a tribute to celebrate our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris.

"On the special occasion of Pastor Chris's birthday, we embarked on something truly extraordinary. Our visit to the local old age home exceeded mere service; it became a journey of profound connection. Blessed with the opportunity to spend quality time with the residents, we shared God's word and love, listened to their stories with awe and admiration, and engaged in moments of laughter and learning. Witnessing the joy reflected on their faces was a sight that will forever be etched in our hearts.
Thank You Pastor Chris Sir for the opportunity to celebrate you.”

Pastor M.V. Thomas
God's Temple Church, Hyderabad, India,

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