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The International School of Ministry stands out as a unique spiritual and academic institution to train and equip ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

Building in them the realities of God's Word and empowering them to carry the message of eternal life in Christ Jesus to their world, with great demonstrations of the miraculous power of God.
Over the years, the ISM has given millions of Ministers the opportunity of being tutored by the man of God, Pastor Chris and be imparted with the peculiar grace at work in His ministry.

Church Pastors & Ministry Leaders


Get set to make power available for change as we join Pastor Chris and billions around the world at the Global Day of Prayer.

We also bring you live Programs from our man of God that will inspire, enrich and transform your life and ministry.

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Pastor Chris

Project Equip

About 45% of the world live in rural areas, with China, India and Africa having the largest...

Ministers Inspire TV

On Ministers Inspire TV, get educated and inspired by our WEB TV content, from our various...


Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris is a special 24-hour online teaching and interactive...

ISM Cell Ministry

1 Million

ISM Global Ministers

ISM Cells have been instrumental in servicing their communities with the message of the gospel as well as building church facilities, providing instruments, distribution of relief materials and providing basic amenities and other essentials for the sick, destitute, old and less priviledge ...

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Ministers Exploits

ISM Ministers' Conference Helsinki, Finland
The recently held ISM Ministers’ Conference in Helsinki, Finland was another awesome time of fellowship, impartation, and equipping for ministers of the Gospel in Finland and across Europe...

The First-Ever ISM Ministers' Conference In Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

The 2023 ISM Ministers’ Conference Port Harcourt was a beautiful and highly impactful time of fellowship and strengthening of ministers of the Gospel in ...

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