The online prayer summit which was the very first edition, took place on the 31st of January 2022 and hosted Esteemed Pastors and Leaders in the ISM Leaders Network, as well as Regional and National Coordinators from across all 14 East African Countries, territories and Nations

The Purpose of the Conference was

  • To stir up the translators represented towards prayer and evangelism. 
  • To pray and make changes and impact through translating the gospel into different languages all around the world. 
  • To raise and to recruit more translators in fulfilling our global mandate.

It was a most fulfilling time of prayer and exhortation interspaced with inspiring testimonies and uplifting worship sessions.

 Ministers of God led the participants in times of fervent prayer, making much power available for the translations team to grow in impact and effectiveness, leading to the increased propagation of the gospel in all 7000 languages of the world. They prayed passionately also, for the ability to reach and penetrate into every nook and cranny of every community, city and nation, bringing the gospel to them in their languages. 

In a brief but inspiring time of exhortation, Pastor Emma Mukisa, Senior Pastor of Word of Truth Ministry Kampala Uganda, shared some thoughts on the Call to Translation. He started by saying that at the ISM this year, the target is the translation of messages and materials of the man of God into 7000 languages, but with the instruction comes the ability to perform (Matthew 28:19).  A call to translation therefore is a call to fulfilling our mandate of reaching our world (Act1:8). He emphasized that as the man of God Pastor Chris is preaching the message in English, the place of a translator is to publish the message to local dialect languages. 

He added that ISM translators have received miracles as they carry out their translation work and urged the participants to give other people an opportunity to listen to messages that have changed them. In conclusion, He said, "Being born in your country or tribe is not for nothing. You are God's representative in your tribe. Give someone an opportunity to hear the messages."

To be a part of the ISM Translators, call +2348033689284 or send an email to [email protected]

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