In this year of the Gathering Clouds, It isn't just raining, but pouring torrents of blessings, healing and salvation. ISM Ministers in Southern Africa and Asia took up the great commission given by the Lord Jesus to the Church in Matthew 16:15, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. They did their part in actualizing the global mandate given by our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, DSC, DD to reach out to 7 Billion souls of the world's population this year.

Armed with hundreds of copies of the Healing to the Nations magazine and the Rhapsody of Realities devotional from the ministry of Pastor Chris, and with their hearts burning with a passion to reach out to souls for whom Christ died, they were yielded vessels ready to pour out salvation and righteousness to all they would meet on that day.

Southern Africa

Actively participating in the global day of evangelism were ministers from Southern African countries like the Pastor and leaders of New Creation Centre in South Africa as well as the Pastor and leaders of Gospel Envoys in Zambia along with beloved ministers and leaders from Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Angola and more.
The day started with ministers and their brethren congregating to lay hands on copies of Rhapsody of Realities and Healing to the Nations magazines, declaring that the lives of the recipients would be changed forever and stirring up themselves as instructed in 2 Timothy 1:6, for the evangelism exercise that lay ahead. The excitement was palpable; everyone present was more than inspired to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus and the blessings of the new creation. Several people that they met in their homes, street corners, malls, learning institutions, workshops and so on, gave their rapt attention, received the word and turned to the Lord in their numbers. Well over a thousand people gave their hearts to Christ on that day.


Faith-filled ministers from Pakistan and India were not left out as they took to the streets sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to men, women and children of all ages. The Pastor, Leaders and Members of Narrow Gate Ministry Lahore, Pakistan went out full of the Spirit to neutralise the works of darkness by spreading salvation, righteousness and overcoming faith, to those they came in contact with through the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional and the Healing to The Nations Magazine. They patiently and purposefully shared the Word of God through inspiring articles and astounding testimonies of miraculous healings which brought much hope and joy to the recipients. Several souls were won during the exercise. Glory to God.

Testimonies of Salvation are still pouring in from the just concluded ISM Global Day of Evangelism and we are grateful to the Lord who has made us co-labourers with Himself in executing His will in today's world.

Are you a minister of the Gospel? You too can organize a Global Day of Evangelism with your congregation. Be sure to do your part in fulfilling the mandate to reach 7 Billion souls of the world this year.

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