"A new era for Ladies in ministry has been set in motion!"

The ISM Ladies Ignite Conference was indeed the commencement of an irrevocable impingement for women in Ministry, as the dates 17th and 18th of September marked a landmark as over 2 million female Ministers from over 125 countries of the world were in participation and completely impacted by this historical event.

The 2-day unwavering momentous Conference kicked-off with; spirit filled praises & worship sessions, a heartwarming welcome speech, ISM testimonies & impact in all parts of the world, inspiring & enlightening live talkshow segments, super sessions, strategic workshops, a moment of exhortation, and a Q & A segment with the esteemed Director of the ISM.

In a themed topic "God's mighty Army", the esteemed Director of the ISM ignited and stirred all participating female Ministers in the truth and potency of God's word. In her expressions;

"God has a mission and you are relevant to that mission as an entrusted soldier. As a member of God's Army, you must be mission-minded and mission-sensitive. A member of God's mighty Army must always war in prayer. Our Mission is not about building large buildings but building people for the kingdom."

Those blessed words as shared by the esteemed Director, Pastor Deola Phillips has undoubtedly prepared these ladies in Ministry for the glory ahead. Glory to God!

Featured in this epochal Conference were women of faith, influence and great impact through their Life and Ministry;

  1. The CEO, Loveworld Inc. and Director, International School of Ministry (ISM), the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips
  2. Christ Embassy Church Ministry Zonal directors and Director in the Loveworld Incorporation
  3. ISM top Cell leaders, Church founders and Senior Pastors of Ministries in the ISM

The 2021 ISM LIC was a glorious Conference that would always be referenced to both in the hearts and on the lips of female ministers in times to come as the Ladies in Ministry were ignited with God’s word and God’s spirit; in truth, boldness and power as their world would never remain the same again. Glory to God!

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