As the Scriptures declare in Habakkuk 2:14, "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea", this third edition of the Global Ministers' Classroom (GMC) with our man of God, Pastor Chris was a fulfilment of the prophetic; God confirming His Word as true.

This epochal Conference was the first of its kind, 24-hour continuous impartation for ministers of the Gospel around the world. With over 40 million ministers in participation from 250 countries and territories of the world, the GMC 2021 was truly beyond this world!

Weeks into the Conference, the ISM Ministers’ Network set to work with publicity in their cities, on T. V stations, Radio stations, Billboards, and Newspaper adverts reaching out to ministers of the Gospel in their spheres of contact, inviting them to register for the Conference. The ministers’ expectations were palpable!

Highlights of this momentous Conference included;

Highly impactful sessions of teachings with the man of God, Pastor Chris, and other special guest ministers throughout the 24-hour period.


Within a period of invaluable impact, the man of God, Pastor Chris through God’s word, taught exhaustively on a teaching titled: The Spirituality of Life and Ministry, a keen topic in these times of preparation.

In the words of the man of God, he said "We must live and relate with our environment spiritually; and we can only do that through the insights given to us by the Holy Spirit through the Word."

Pastor Chris further differentiated distinctively between Truth and Fact. In clarity, he said "Truth is spiritual, and a conformity to reality; and reality is the Word of God while Facts are worldly, and a piece of information about circumstances that exists or events that have occurred. If you have to work with God, you have to work by Truth alone. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and He guides us to differentiate between Truth and Fact."


Ministering also was the world evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, which on this special session of profound teaching exhorted ministers on the importance and impact of ministering to the Lord before ministering to others.

Pastor Benny further emphasized on the Person of the Holy Spirit and expanded on a number of functions He performs in our daily lives; such as being the Spirit of Truth, Conviction, Witness, Power, Holiness, Life, Adoption, Liberty, Wisdom, Revelation, Promise, Love, Meekness, Grace, Glory, and Prophecy.

"The Holy Spirit is the acting representative of the ascended Christ, accomplishing his redeeming purpose on the Earth; if the Holy Spirit did not come, the Gospel would not have lasted two weeks."


Impactful talkshow segments with testimonies from ministers of the Gospel across the continents

The 24-hour program progressed in glory, availing ministers across the continents with the platform to share of their faith filled results to inspire participating ministers for an even more glorious works.


Enlightening Discussion Panels on the advancement of the Gospel in these last days, through diverse ministry platforms such as the Healing School, Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Chris Live etc.

During the epochal program were series of panelled Ministers' experience discussions on "The Impact of Pastor Chris’ Message" & "My ISM Experience"

As the panellists shared their testimonies, ministers were inspired unto greater works and many have begun to testify of extraordinary results in their work following the lessons and inspirations they received during the impactful segment.


Inspiring testimonies from ministers of Gospel around the world on the impact of the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris in their lives and ministries, and the Gospel in their nations

Time and time again are headlines recorded of the victorious chants from all around of the glorious impact of the Gospel of the man of God as it continues to grow, prevailing in the lives and ministries of the members of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network in measures never seen in this world.

Heartfelt sessions of prayers, intercessions, worship and so much more.

At the GMC 2021, ministers of the Gospel in every nation of the earth received grace for ministry and world evangelism. Since the program, there’s been an unstoppable outpouring of testimonies:

  • "Attending the Global Ministers’ Classroom was a great teaching time for me. I have been transformed to a higher level of faith and enlightened by the depth of the word of God. It is more and more stepping into the power of the word and live it properly. I am also thankful to our father and mentor Pastor Chris."
    Pastor Rana Daoud, Charismatic Church, Syria

  • "Somalia Christians have been under severe persecution but we have been strengthened by God. We constantly follow Pastor Chris messages, it has encouraged us and we are stronger. We hold our churches underground because of persecution as many in our nation have been arrested for such things. We participated in the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris and we received fresh fire from the Lord. We are so blessed. Thank you, Pastor Chris."
    Minister Cabdale King, Evangelical Fellowship, Somalia

  • "Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Global Ministers Classroom. Ministers in my nation were indeed blessed."
    Minister Bakunzi Melissa, Global Light Ministries, Rwanda

  • "It was such a glorious Conference, there was so much learnt and I am indeed grateful to Pastor Chris for organizing the Global Ministers Classroom."
    Pastor Yves Malcotte, Word of Faith Church, Mexico

  • "Glory to God! Thank you Pastor Chris for the Global Ministers Classroom, we were so blessed by every session."
    Pastor Abraham Gilgali, Eritrea

  • "I am so blessed to be connected with Pastor Chris, I love him so much and I know that God has brought him my way to move me and my ministry to the next level. The GMC for me was so refreshing and I am glad to be a part. God bless you Pastor Chris."
    Apostle Brenda Pratt, Bahamas

  • "I want say a big thank you to Pastor Chris for the Global Ministers Classroom, I was greatly impacted. I also want to say thank you for the Gift that I won (Drum Set). I am very grateful."
    Pastor Eugene Huybregts, Alpha Omega Church, Curacao

  • "Praise the lord! I am so happy to be a part of the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris, my life has been improved, I have received deep knowledge of the word and the ministers in my nation that I invited were also so impressed by the message. Thank you Pastor Chris."
    Prophetess Marilyne Galois, Martinique

  • "The Global Ministers’ Classroom with Pastor Chris was glorious, I was so blessed and I look forward to impacting my ministry and leaders with all that I have received. Thank you Pastor Chris and International School of Ministry."
    Pastor Ahmed Youssouf, Comoros

  • "So much was learnt during the Global Ministers Classroom, I have been upgraded and refreshed by the teachings of our dear man of God, Pastor Chris. I am really grateful to our Man of God for this platform! "
    Pastor Irene Guiterrez, Iglesia de Dios, Aruba

  • "So grateful for the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris. It was a time of fellowship for us who converged from North America hosting and classrooms as well as great revelatory teaching from the Man of God Pastor Chris which strengthened us so much in our convictions to stand for the truth in our various cities against the deep state and continue to win. We are so encouraged and thankful to the Man of God Pastor Chris for such a glorious program. Praise God!!!"
    Pastor Anthony Accilien, Christ World Prayer Center, USA


The 3rd edition of the Global Ministers Classroom with Pastor Chris was truly an extraordinary and record-breaking conference.

Surely, the Earth shall be filled with the glory of the Word of God as the waters cover the sea!







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