The ISM Ministers’ Conference, Canada, was a memorable time of impartation for ministers of the Gospel in Canada, as the highly impactful Conference kicked-off with exhilarating worship and prayer sessions.

The esteemed Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Senior Pastor of Miracle Working Church, Canada, Pastor Josephine Roopnarine, excitedly welcomed delegates to the much anticipated ISM Ministers’ Conference, Canada! Pastor Josephine also appreciated our dear man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, and the Director of the International School of Ministry, Pastor Deola Phillips, for the special privilege to organize the Conference this year. She then urged the delegates to participate in every session of the Conference with their hearts opened to receive all God has in store for them. Glory!!!

The impactful ISM Ministers’ Conference, Canada, continued with an inspiring and educative Talkshow on ”Strategic Soulwinning and Evangelism.”  A seasoned panel comprising of ISM ministers in Canada, inspired and enlightened the delegates on Biblical proven strategies for effective soulwinning and evangelism which they learnt at the International School of Ministry and have applied in their ministries with outstanding results.

Ministers of the Gospel at the ISM Ministers’ Conference, Canada, enjoyed a rich fellowship with the Word of the God and were strengthened for greater works in these last days, during the Conference Plenary Session. The esteemed Director of Loveworld Church Growth International, Pastor Lanre Alabi, in this teaching, strongly admonished the ministers to be determined to accomplish everything that God asked them to do in ministry. He further charged the ministers to go all out preaching the Gospel irrespective of any seeming limitation. ”We have a responsibility to share what the Lord has given to us and you must function as though the Gospel is dependent on you alone!

Some testimonies from the participating ministers have been culled below:

“I have experienced growth on every side, and expansion in every area of my life as a result of this Conference. I am excited, Glory to God!”
Minister Jean Fleming, Canada.

“I had an accident but as a result of the teachings I received at the ISM Ministers’ Conference, and being a part of the ISM, I was miraculously delivered without any injury. Thank you, Pastor Chris”
Deaconess Sherry Lam, Miracle working Church, Canada.

Indeed, it was an extraordinary Conference! The lives and ministries of these ministers will never remain the same.


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