The ongoing first-ever ISM Project Next Level program has been one of unprecedented impact for participating ministers of the gospel around the world!

Specially designed for Founders of ministries, Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel, Church Leaders & Workers to multiply their Church growth and impact. It has indeed been a special time of learning and increase for all in attendance.

“The opportunity to win souls and carry out evangelism campaigns is a great God given opportunity through ISM. There has been an immense urgency instilled in our hearts to reach out to the unreached. We have been positively challenged in a constructive way to do more for the Lord, serve Him more. It doesn’t matter the hindrances that are ahead of us, we as a church will be marching forward. Nothing of the devil can stop the church of Christ from moving on. Thank You ISM for this blessed opportunity to serve the Lord through this campaign and soul winning and evangelism exercise. God bless you!” - Pastor Denzil Kanthi, U.S.A.

“I must thank our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the entire ISM team for organizing this Project Next Level training program. I know that this program was orchestrated by the spirit of God personally for me. Several questions in my heart that I sought answers to for years have been answered in the course of this training. Thank you also for the support and encouragement. I celebrate you sir.”
 - Pastor David Japhet, Kogi State, Nigeria.

"Our ministry started about two years ago. Throughout all this period, we have witnessed people come into the Church but not retained. However, after taking the ISM Project Next Level course, I was able to observe and note key areas where we were not getting our acts right and we decided to do things differently.

Firstly, in our country, first impressions matter greatly; therefore, we created a Group, which we called the “Divine Connections Group (DCG)”, with a mandate and responsibility of specially welcoming our first-timers in Church.

The people enjoy being treated in a special way, and we thus decided to give attention to our first timers’ Welcome Reception, as it plays a major role in determining whether the first timers will return to the Church or not. Now, as a result of the things we learnt at the Project Next Level, after our Church services, we welcome first timers with a warm treat, to make them feel comfortable while we share further important information with them."  -  Pastor Taylor Kevin, Taiwan


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