Thanksgiving is a term from the Old Testament which was applied to a ceremony, worship, confessions, and sacrifices of praise, accompanied with a thanksgiving offering.

The popular story of the ten lepers in the Scripture (Luke 17:12-19) showed us how Jesus healed all the lepers of their disease but only one of them returned to give thanks.

As a result of his gratitude, he got what the other nine did not get. He received another miracle; all the limbs and body parts he lost due to the leprosy were restored to him! He was made whole because he gave thanks.

Thanksgiving is an act that every child of God has to be committed to, irrespective of any prevailing circumstance, because our purpose for being on Earth is to be witnesses of the love of God and the grace of Jesus Christ to the world.

Everyday for us ought to be a day of thanksgiving to God. When heartfelt and honest thanksgiving is given to the Lord, a wholeness is obtained.

Whatever you thank God for this year, a manifestation of it would be received in the coming year, meaning that any loss experienced would be restored.

For example, when a minister of the Gospel, gives thanks to God for the finances of his congregation, a wholeness on finances would be received, and the same goes for health, faith, spiritual growth, etc. 

Giving thanks to the Lord is important and necessary for every Christian and there is no better time to show your gratitude than this season of Christmas. Glory to God!

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