The first time I heard about the ISM was on the Internet. In search for more knowledge about ministry and the Word of God, I applied for the ISM Session and was accepted.

During the Session, we were taught courses on various aspects of ministry such as "The Tenets of the Gospel," "Soul Winning and Evangelism," and so much more. My life and ministry were greatly blessed by these teachings.  Memorably, we had special classes with the man of God, Pastor Chris.

His teachings were so simple but with deep knowledge. We also had the opportunity to attend the Healing School Service with Pastor Chris. It was amazing to see thousands of people receive their healings. To the glory of God, I also received the healing anointing in that special service. The teachings at the ISM completely changed my personal life and my ministry.

When I returned to my country, I restructured my church and ministry. I created different departments raised men and women of God to be leaders in the church and the growth we experienced was awesome.
As a result of the visible growth we experienced, I brought many of my leaders to the next ISM Session. Ministry has become so easy and every leader in our church now has the right mindset for ministry.

Also since the ISM, we have continually received training from the ministry of Pastor Chris. We follow Pastor Chris on Yookos and pray with him thrice weekly. We also participate, as a Church, in the monthly global communion services with Pastor Chris, where we receive the Word of God for the month. At these special services, we have recorded many testimonies of miracles, healings, spiritual advancement, and financial miracles.

Additionally, we use Rhapsody of Realities in our church and also engage in the free distribution of the devotional in malls, hospitals and marketplaces. We also air Rhapsody of Realities TV program in the local TV station in Madagascar and through this program, we have been able to reach and impact many people in our country.

Worthy of mention, I'm now an ISM Cell Leader! The ISM cell gives ministers of the Gospel the opportunity to fellowship in the Word and be acquainted with the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. The impact of the cell meetings has been awesome.

Thank you Pastor Chris! You've changed our lives, the way we think and our ministries. Now, we know that we're special ministers on a mission and nothing can stop us from extending the Kingdom of God in Madagascar.

If you are a pastor or minister of the Gospel, I invite you to attend the ISM your life and your ministry will never be the same. The ISM is not only a school it's a place of transformation. You will be transformed and lifted to a higher level of impact in your life and ministry.

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