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It was a special time of instruction, teaching, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the Word for over 500 ISM Cell leaders from 141 countries of the world who were present at the February 2019 edition of the ISM Online Cell Leaders' Training Program with the esteemed Director, Pastor Deola Phillips.

Some of the countries represented include: Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Colombia, Cook Islands, Denmark, El-Salvador, Guyana, Haiti, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Tokelau, Saint Lucia, Wallis and Futuna, and many more.

The glorious training program commenced with a session of prayer and thanksgiving for the impacts and exploits experienced in January. Several ISM cell leaders were also given the opportunity to share their inspiring testimonies and preparations towards the upcoming ISM regional and national conferences.

The high point of the Online training program was the supersession with the Director of ISM, Pastor Deola Phillips, where she inspired and empowered the cell leaders with the teaching - "The Fourth Man".

"Joseph means ‘The one that adds, builds, preserve, maintain and sees that the body of Christ does not diminish.' The first Joseph was trusted by God to protect life the second Joseph was trusted to secure the salvation of the world by preserving the infant Jesus. The third Joseph was entrusted with the physical body of Christ, and the fourth man is likened unto the Son of God. As ministers of the Gospel, we are the fourth man and God has entrusted us with the message of the Gospel," she said.

The Cell Leaders were literally transported to a higher level of glory and effectiveness in their life and ministry as they were also charged to work with the expectation of the coming of our Lord Jesus.

"It's a great opportunity to connect with Pastor Chris, thank you so much ma for the inspiring teachings, I am blessed." - Pastor Elnurarzu Salamov, Azerbaijan

"Thank you Pastor Deola for this great message. I have read the book of Daniel chapter 3 many times, but it never occurred to me that I am the 4th man." - Pastor Celestino Rosario, Angola

"It is such a great privilege to know that God depends on me as the fourth man in this Generation. Awesome Truth. I am so blessed." -  Pastor Burtan Mwansasu, Tanzania

"I am preserving the body of Christ and being that fourth man glory to God." - Pastor Asenstha, Fiji Island

"The cell leaders' training meeting was so insightful. The teaching on the Fourth Man was very timely and very informative. Now, I know I have a responsibility as the fourth man. Thank you, Pastor Deola Philips." - Pastor Marc Jean, Reunion

 "My expectations for the training meeting with the esteemed ISM Director were fulfilled as I felt the presence of God for the whole day. A few hours after the meeting, God used me to heal a woman with arthritis who was almost paralyzed.  I truly believe that God connected me to the ISM for a purpose." - Pastor Leonel Morisseau, Turks & Caicos Island.

"This month's training was one of a kind. One that awakened me to my responsibility as the Fourth man and the assignment that must be accomplished. I have already set my goals right and I am set for more impact all round as I win many to Christ and establish them in ministry. I thank my dear man of God for being mindful of us and setting up such platforms for us to be trained and instructed in righteousness. Thank you so much, my Director, for training us and leading us by example. We are blessed." - Pastor Emma Mukisa, Cell Leader, ISM Supernatural Cell, Uganda.

It was indeed an unprecedented time of fellowship and strengthening for the cell leaders and their lives and ministries will never remain the same.

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