Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the courses available, and duration ?

A: We have the following courses.

Course Descriptions
and Durations

Ministers Refresher

Course (MRC)

Training the Trainer

All other Programs


(7 Days)

(3 weeks)

(2 Weeks)





(7 Days)

(2 Weeks)










Q:Is there any visa aid?

A: Yes there is visa aid for students. Students requiring invitation letters for the purpose of visa processing may send a mail to [email protected] 

Q:Where is the school located?

A: The School is located at 303, Pretoria Avenue, Cnr. Harley and Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Q:What is the dress code?

A: All students are expected to be formally dressed at all times on the campus

Q:What are the start times for classes?

A: Classes start by 9am daily. Attendance for each class is compulsory for the duration of the course.

Q:What materials must I bring?

A:Students are required to attend the school with their student badge, bibles, notepads, writing materials, laptops or digital devices to facilitate school work and on-line exams.

Q:Will I get a certificate upon completion?

A: Yes, certificates would be given after completion of the school

Q: What is the procedure for application to the school? 

A: Application to the school is strictly on-line

Q: How much is the tuition for the school? 
A: Tuition in the school is free.
Q: What courses are available?
A: Available courses:

Training The Trainer - 2 weeks
Intermediate Ministerial Program - 2 weeks
Advanced Pastoral Ministry - 2 weeks
Ministers Refresher Course - 7 days
Christian Leadership Program - 2 weeks
Discipleship and Ministry - 2 weeks

Q: Does the school have a resident campus?

A: No, the school does not operate a resident campus but there is a link available on our website to hotels/guest houses in Johannesburg where you can make a choice of accommodation.

Q: What amount of money will I require for my stay in the school? 

A: South Africa is relatively cheap internationally. You require at least $65 per night for accommodation, $14 per day for transportation and $22 per day for feeding. You will also require another $500 for materials required for school and project work.

Q: Will Pastor Chris be there himself?

A: Yes. Pastor Chris will be there to take lectures himself.

Q: How can I order materials by Pastor Chris?
A: Please visit our on-line store at or call +27 11 326 2467 for more information on how you can place your order.

Q: How long do I have to wait to get a response from you once I have submitted my application?
A: Once we have received a completed application, you will get a response within 4-5 days if your application has been approved. If your application is not complete, we will contact you, requesting that you submit the remaining aspects of your application. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Q: Do I have to be a Minister to attend the International School of Ministry? 
A: The School of Ministry caters for Ministers and leaders of ministry. Also you can attend the School of Ministry if you have a passion for ministry or if you believe God has called you to ministry and want to be trained for that purpose.

Q: Does the School of Ministry offer financial aid or support?
A: The School of Ministry does not presently provide financial aid or support to students; you have to be prepared financially before coming to school.

Q: What if I have kids and want to bring them over, is there a day care facility for them?
A: The School of Ministry does not provide day care facilities. You may have to make your own private arrangements.