Executive Ministerial Program (EMP)

What you can expect

Executive Ministerial Program (EMP) is specifically designed for senior executive pastors in full time ministry. Participants will gain deeper insights and revelations into how to function more effectively in the office of a Pastor and produce results beyond their immediate congregations and communities. You will also learn how to build and strengthen internal church administrative structures for effective church growth and expansion; and use modern social media & technology tools to strategically advance the cause of the Gospel.
Pastors and Church Leaders desirous to make an impact for the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond their borders and communities will find this 2 week program most insightful and helpful.

  • Who is Right for this Program

All ordained senior and executive Pastors who have completed the Christian Leadership Program or the Ministers' Refresher Course.
Your Course of Study
(Modules 1-9)

  • Advancing the Gospel through Social Media & Technology
  • Church Planting & Pioneering
  • Developing the Laity for Ministry
  • Ministering the Spirit
  • Missions Thinking (Creating Mission Statements & Vision)
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Strategic Evangelism through Ministry Resources
  • The Missionary Minister (Organizing Missions' Trips & Forums)
  • Visionary Leadership

 (Modules 10-14)

  • Kingdom Finance
  • Project Management
  • Soulwinning & Evangelism
  • Tenets of the Gospel 
  • Use of Technology 


Tuition is free!! Students will require materials to facilitate all activities on campus school work, term paper and field missionary work.

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