Basic Ministerial Program (BMP)

What you can expect

Associate Pastors, Assistant Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Ministry staff and Missionaries  require further and more precise ministerial training rather than mere theological tutelage. This desire must be properly harnessed, groomed and charted for success in life and ministry. Hence, the creation of this peculiar program that deliberately seeks to educate, train and teach these categories of people certain fundamental and integral aspects of ministry; thereby making them more effective, passionate and result oriented ministers and leaders in their callings, elections and the world at large.

Who is Right for this Program
Associate Pastors, Assistant Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Ministry Staff, Music Ministers, Missionaries, Youth Ministers (Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders) in the company of their senior or executive pastors are welcome to an amazing and impactful refreshing experience at the ISM.

Tuition is free!! Students will require materials to facilitate all activities on campus- such as class  work, term paper and field missionary work.

Kindly call: +27113262467, +27117872350
or send a mail to: [email protected]
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