Donetsk is a war-torn region in the Nation of Ukraine currently at the center of an armed territorial conflict and impasse between Ukraine and the neighboring country of Russia.

This embattled area is presently governed by the United Nations and has seen its share of human causalities across both countries and led to over 1.3 million residents becoming internally displaced from the regi.. read more

Radio Gold 90.5 FM is a widely popular radio station with a listenership of over 5million covering 7 out of the ten regions in the beautiful nation of Ghana.

In a gesture worthy of emulation, Ministers of the ISM Accra 2 Cell led by Rev Bright All Bright sponsored the broadcast of the teaching program of our Man of God, Pastor Chris on this station. Many will be positioned for impact th.. read more

It was an avalanche of souls on the 15th of July 2017, as ministers of the Gospel attending the 2017 Online School of Ministry Session embarked on their fieldwork on Soulwinning & Evangelism in their various cities and communities.

From the early hours of the day, the ministers were out in the streets, malls, airports and major city centres to reach out to people with the Gospel, an.. read more

Ministers of the Gospel from all around the world have entered into the Online School of Ministry 2017 Session, to be equipped and empowered with priceless principles that will position them on a pedestal of limitless flourishing in their lives and ministries!

Invaluable principles for success in life and ministry are being unveiled to the ministers connected via live stream. Oh! What a.. read more

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