"Prosperity is not about money it is Christ in you! When you become a Christian, you become a channel of blessings. God blesses you because He wants to bless others through you. Your prosperity is connected to the prosperity of many others. To constantly live in prosperity, there are principles that God has established for us to live by. They are the Kingdom Finance Principles!" Pasto.. read more

Ministers of the Gospel at the on-going 2018 ISM Autumn Session strategically hit major shopping malls and squares in Johannesburg to win souls for Jesus Christ amidst restrictions from security agents. There was great rejoicing in Heaven as souls were won into the Kingdom of God!

To participate in the 2018 ISM Autumn Session (Set 2) which holds from 23rd April - 3rd May, 2018, kindly l.. read more

The 2018 ISM Ministers' Network Conference is just a few days away. Here are important preparatory tips to help you maximize the benefits of this life-changing program:

•         Flight Tickets: If you’ve obtained your visa, you should begin procuring your flight tickets now.

•         Official Leave of Absence: I.. read more

"One of the key responsibilities of a Pastor is to help God's people discover themselves in Christ and find their place in the house of God. As the church grows, you will need to restructure because the initial structure may not be able to accommodate the growth. You'll need to raise and develop leaders for the work of the ministry," Pastor Archie Aseme

Executive and senior mi.. read more

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