Give thanks for the success of the Conference and the privilege to attend. Also declare that you are rightly positioned to receive all that the Lord intended for you at this Conference..

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The 2017 ISM Ministers' Network Conference with the man of God, Pastor Chris is just a few days away! Glory! How ready are you for this life-transforming event?

Here is a check list to help you find out:

Have you registered for the Conference?

Have you made your travel arrangements?

Have you prayed about your expectations?

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Ministers from different nations will be equipped to flourish and positioned for greater works!

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Helplines: +27 64 393 7741, +27 64 398 9920, +27 74 638 6228


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“The truth here has been tremendously rewarding; I truly have been blessed as a result of this conference.

I invite all ministers to come be a part of this amazing experience.” Pastor James Spouse - Christian Tabernacle for Gospel Truth, United States of America

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