- "Christ is Your Country!" Pastor Chris Enlightens Ministers

More than 5,000 ministers from 165 nations of the world attended the 2017 ISMMN Conference, setting a new record for the event with the highest number of countries represented. Knowing that their lives and ministries would change forever, they convened for the last meeting of the Conference to receive fr.. read more

Super sessions of the Word and strategic discourse segments earmarked the morning session of day 3 of the ISMMN Conference.

Pastor Kelepi Veikoso exhorted the delegates about the power of tongues and he emphasized that a man or woman of God must worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. In his message on 'Reaching the Lost', Dr Mahareb Shawky from Egypt said, "We must do .. read more

The entrance of the Word gives light, and the delegates at the ISMMN Conference were indeed enlightened as the man of God, Pastor Chris, ministered the Word.

In his teaching, the man of God maintained that there is a mindset for fulfilling ministry. "The Word of God delivers to us a way of thinking – a mentality. You can't carry out ministry with the mentality of .. read more

The highpoint for Day 1 of the International School of Ministry Ministers' Conference was the opportunity for increased knowledge as the man of God, Pastor Chris, exhorted the delegates with the Word.

The attendees were eager to receive as Pastor welcomed them to this edition of the annual ISMMN Conference. He appreciated the organizing committee for putting together such an.. read more

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