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The Balkans refer to a community of nations in South Eastern Europe which share rich historic and cultural bonds.

Stretching from the Serbian border right to the black sea, these nations share the similar experience of having gone through civil wars and violent conflicts in their recent history, events that have left emotional scars in the hearts of many who witnessed the atrocities committed during that period.

It was a time of upliftment in these beautiful nations as the first-ever Ministers Cells were recently launched in the nations of Serbia and Bosnia! These inspiring outreaches were organized by Pastor Carol Frank, Cell Leader, UK Cell 2 and Europe Cells in collaboration with Pastor Bukuriji Niqui, Cell Leader of Kosovo and Montenegro Cells. They were inspired to reach out to the ministers in this region, uplifting and strengthening them with the message of our Man of God , Pastor Chris.

The host minister, Pastor Goran Saitovic shared on the impact that attending the ISM Ministers Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa had on his life and ministry and proudly stated that upon his return, he had signed up to become a translator of the life changing devotional, Rhapsody of Realities, to better share to others in his nation in their own native language.

This highly motivated team visited ministers as well as lay folk from different walks of life in both nations. Worthy of note were the special outreaches to the gypsy communities in that region. All groups were also handed copies of the Rhapsody of Realities devotional.

Ministers attending the Cell Meeting were also given the opportunity to watch excerpts of teaching from the Man of God, Pastor Chris. All in attendance pledged to be a part of the Ministers Cells and attend the 2018 edition of the Ministers Conference with Pastor Chris!

It was indeed a time of upliftment for all who encountered the message, the fruits of which yield a glorious harvest in Serbia, Bosnia and the entire Balkan region. Glory to God!

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