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The ISM Ministers' Network Conference was a historic event which saw over 5000 ministers' from 165 countries converge in Johannesburg, South Africa for the life changing conference with our Man of God, Pastor Chris

Ministers' had their lives and ministries revolutionized by the message and impartation as the Man of God ministered to the various ministers' who were in attendance

Pastor Madeline Teo was one of such Minister's who attended the life changing conference, making the journey from Perth, Australia to attend the Conference for the first time.

Inspired by all she received, she was determined to introduce more ministers' to this life changing message. She organized an Online Cell which had in attendance over 100 ministers' from 5 countries, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong.

 Excited ministers' received the message that was shared from the ISM Cell Outline on the Missionary Christian as taught by the Man of God.Worthy of note were the outpouring of miracles experienced by ministers' in different countries during the time of prayers. A minister from Malaysia who has suffered from draining sickness got healed immediately.

Another female minister from Hongkong that has been home bound for months due to dysmenorrhea, received instant freedom from abdominal pain as a result of prayers. Distance was not a barrier as all was blessed and inspired to be a part of the cell meetings.

It was truly a glorious time which saw the ministers empowered for greater works by the power of God’s Spirit. Glory to God!!

 To share your post-ISM Autumn Session and ISMMN Conference testimonies or praise reports, To start or join an ISM Cell near you, kindly send a mail to On KingsChat, follow the International School of Ministry Super User by clicking "FOLLOW" at the top right hand corner of the page. or call any of the following numbers, +2348067873748, +2348131103009, +2347063612630, +2348023390631



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