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History was made at the just concluded ISM Ministers Network Conference, as over 5000 ministers from 165 countries converged for the Gospel in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Changes and miracles are the daily occurrence as a result of the teachings and impartation from the just concluded ISM conference for the Pastor and members of Rivers of Life Church Kwamashu, South Africa.

Pastor M M Zulu excitedly stated, "During the ISM conference Pastor Chris declared that we are going to do great things at another level, because the grace has increased upon us all. I learnt new things from God's word and my faith was stirred to accomplish greatness".

The results of the teaching of the man of God, Pastor Chris, during the ISM conference, have been evident, as the ministry has raised its standard internationally. Inspired by the beautiful things i saw in the conference, My church venue has undergone a facelift and my brethren are inspired by the changes.

Furthermore, I introduced Rhapsody of Realities Reading in all my services and testimonies continue to abound as salvation; healing and other miracles have been documented in the lives of the brethren as a result of the Rhema and empowerment contained in the messanger angel.

I have also observed a fresh move of the spirit and the miraculous in my services after the conference. Many have received healing from deafness, a woman on a wheelchair received her healing and now walks unaided, many have received healing from demonic oppresion, the testimonies continue to abound, Hallelujah!

I am indeed grateful to My Man of God, Pastor Chris, for his investments in our lives through the superlative ISMMN Conference. Glory to God!

To share your post-ISM Autumn Session and ISMMN Conference testimonies or praise reports, To start or join an ISM Cell near you, kindly send a mail to or call any of the following numbers, +2348067873748, 08131103009, 07063612630, +2348023390631

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