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- "Christ is Your Country!" Pastor Chris Enlightens Ministers

More than 5,000 ministers from 165 nations of the world attended the 2017 ISMMN Conference, setting a new record for the event with the highest number of countries represented. Knowing that their lives and ministries would change forever, they convened for the last meeting of the Conference to receive from the Spirit of God. 

In his message, Pastor Chris, elucidated that we are in Christ. "Christ is a person and Christ is a place. Jesus is a person, but when we were born again, we were born into a place, a new environment called Christ," he said. "Walk in Him and live in Him."

He expatiated that, "Christ is a place, understand that we're from that place. Christ is your country; with respect to the spirit realm, you're abroad. Relate with the world from the perspective of your heavenly life."

The meeting progressed to another level, and it was time for a different kind impartation as the man of God ministered spiritual gifts to the ministers with the laying on of hands, and with many remarkable prophecies.

Thereafter, the ministers prayed earnestly for the peace and prosperity of South Africa and the prevalence of the Gospel in the land. The man of God also led the congregation to pray for nations where there is trouble and turmoil, countries like Israel, Palestine and Syria, admonishing the delegates to remember to pray for them regularly.

Pastor Chris proclaimed blessings of increased grace and greater impact upon all present and closed the meeting, and thus, the Conference.

For three days and three nights, these men and women of God have been specially ministered to by God's Spirit. In the words of our man of God, "The church is about to move into the most glorious time ever." It's a whole new level of flourishing and the Word of the Lord will prevail in the earth like never before. Hallelujah!

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  1. Thank you Pastor Sir, jes Amen Christ is my couuntry. Therefore many physical countries worldwide are changed after the ISM

  1. Pastor Precious Msiza

    what a meeting of power impartation and knowledge sharing we are truly blessed to be part of this grace and anointing thank man of God

  1. Pastor Michael Geche

    Wow, my life has gone to another level of glory. This was indeed glorious and we have been catapulted into levels of flourishing. Only one way - upward and forward. Glory to God!

  1. Pastor Ifeoma

    Praire God! I enjoyed every part of it, speciale thanks to the estimed director So simple and full of passion Pastor Dilma Phillips and all her team Pastor Dupe, and my beloved Pastor Ose, I love you Mems. Another big thank you to my man of God, Pastor Chris for making all these possible through Jesus Christ our Lord, I love you Sir, God bless you all.

  1. Pastor Shamanenga Victor

    my life and ministry is never the same after the conference. my spiritual life has been highly upgraded. have received new boldness!

  1. I was part of that glorious conference. As a minister,my life will never be the same . Have been revitalised.My life has gone to another level -spiritually. Thank you Pastor Chris.

  1. Pastor Isaac Zirebwa

    Glorious times indeed. It was one conference that left an indelible mark upon my life. I was changed forever. I am so grateful to my man of God, Pst Chris for creating such a platform to bless the world. I love him so much.

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