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Donetsk is a war-torn region in the Nation of Ukraine currently at the center of an armed territorial conflict and impasse between Ukraine and the neighboring country of Russia.

This embattled area is presently governed by the United Nations and has seen its share of human causalities across both countries and led to over 1.3 million residents becoming internally displaced from the region, the sound of gunfire becoming a daily staple to the few who choose to remain in the area. ISM ministers courageously braved the odds to visit ministers in this war torn nation.

This laudable mission initiative was organized by Pastor Carole and Lloyd Frank, UK Cell 2 Cell Leaders in collaboration with Pastor Daniel Rutschmann, Cell Leader of Switzerland Cell.

The group was invited by the host, Pastor Vladimir Belozyorov, to specifically encourage the ministers of the gospel in the area and strengthen them in fellowship.

Ministers who were previously downcast were visibly lifted by the message of our Man of God, Pastor Chris as well as the various testimonies shared by the ISM Cell Leaders. They were indeed encouraged to envision a future of peace and prosperity, despite their present circumstances, as a result of the life changing message. All who were present also received copies of the messenger angel, Rhapsody of Realities.

Worthy of note are the testimonies of healing experienced by some of the ministers because of their encounter with the message of our Man of God. Pastor Chris.

Expressing his gratitude for the visit, the host, Pastor Vladimir enthused. "I am very grateful to the Man of God, Pastor Chris, for connecting us to these ISM Ministers who have come from their nations to be with us. We are encouraged and have hope that change has come to Ukraine in Jesus Name". Hallelujah!

  1. Graceudensi

    he touched me he touched i know what joy that fills my soul something happen and and makes me whole he touched me and makes me whole thank you Pastor sir

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