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Lecture Time

Lectures commences by 9am daily.

Healing Service

Students would have the privilege and opportunity to attending the Healing Service and see the bible come alive by witnessing the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost through our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D

Faith Clinic

Student would have the privilege of attending the Faith Clinic and listening to testimonies of healing from students of the Healing School.

Recommended Class Resource Materials

Tuition at the ISM is free. However, all intending students are expected to make plans to purchase recommended resource and class materials relevant to their field of study.

Field Work Exercise

The field work exercise is an integral part of the International School of Ministry academic curriculum. The objective of the field work exercise is to motivate, inspire and rekindle in the students the passion for evangelism and soul winning.


Exams would be conducted at the end of the lectures. It is mandatory that all students participate. Exams are strictly online.

Lunch Breaks

Students have two lunch breaks periods daily for a total of 90 minutes which is interspaced between the lectures. The first break 12-12:30pm whilst the second break 2-3pm

Identification Badges

Badges must be worn by the students for easy identification within the school premises and during classes.

Dress Code for Students

Students are expected to be formally dressed for all classes and school activities.

School Activities

- Classes run throughout the period of the session for each batch with lectures scheduled from morning to evening.
- Writing materials are necessary for taking notes during classes.
- Break periods are allowed in between lectures for students daily or as announced by the Centre for Studies.
- Student Chapel holds on Saturday morning and Sunday Service on Sunday for each batch of students.
- Students will be notified of their lecture schedule starting from the orientation day.



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